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Incompetence is what ails Mother India. Corruption in all faucets and fabrics of society only further impedes the Indian logic.


Unfortunately, the solutions to corruption have been focused on the wrong side with mistaken assumptions. The AH movement focuses on punishing the corrupt but ignores the root cause. On the contrary, Kaushik Basu had a simple proposal (and a paper he wrote) to curb this menace by making bribe taking illegal and leaving bribe giving legal.


Indonesia had a similar Lokpal 8 years ago to "curb" corruption and now they realize it's meaningless.

In any case material poverty from wrong policies has made our society very corrupt. It has become a part of culture unfortunately. Hope things change for the better.


The Third Eye

You have a point there - the fact that poverty leads to corruption. I was not aware of the Indonesia experiment - do you have any links/articles on it? Koushik Basu's idea is ingenious - unfortunately there was a lot of outrage from lofty minded individuals lamenting that it will institutionalize corruption. Unfortunately these very same lofty ideas are the reason why we are in a pickle.


The Indonesia experiment has been documented by Shashi in his blog offstumped.



When he visited SFO area, Atanu, he and I met at my place and discussed on this a bit.

Our poverty btw is totally engineered IMO (also from Atanu's book explaining this in detail). Hope policies change enough to get us out of this rut. We can actually relate even all our religious and caste conflicts to this engineered poverty via extreme control of economy.

It is pathetic that Kaushik Basu's ideas are being rejected. No matter how much I think to find a flaw enough to not have it enacted, I can't find one!


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